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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय सी.सु.ब किशनगंज
Kendriya Vidyalaya B.S.F Kishanganj
(An Autonomous body under MHRD) Government Of India
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Vidyalaya invites tenders for the following items of Computer Department for the session 2016-17-

1.Laser Printer

2. Barcode Reader and Printer

3. Hard disk (Internal & External) and other peripheral devices

Ref.No. F.Quotation/KV BSF/KNJ/16-17/                                             Date:  
M/s …………………………
Subject: Quotation for the supply of Hard Ware, Water Supply & Electrical Items, regarding.
1.         Sealed quotation for the supply of the articles shown in the attached statement are invited by the undersigned up to 20.03.2016, 2:00 PM. Quotations should be sent under strong sealed cover marked as Quotation for the supply of Hard Ware, Water Supply & Electrical Itemsand not by name. The quotation will be opened in the office of the undersigned at 2:00 PM on 31.03.2016.
2.            The quotations shall be submitted accordingly to the terms & conditions specified in paragraphs 3 to 15 Unless specified otherwise in the quotation it shall be construed that the terms & conditions stipulated hereunder have been have been agree to.
3.            The rate should be F.O.R. and should include excise duty, sales tax, freight charges, any other taxes rates or imposition whatever liable in respect of the supply. The Vidyalaya shall not be liable to pay any tax, freight etc. which has been expressly stipulated in the quotation in the event of acceptance of the quotation.
4.            There should not be any overwriting or corrections in the quotation. If a figure is to be amended it should be neatly scored out the revised figure written above and the same attested with full signature and date. In the absence of attested signature the quotation is liable to be rejected.
5.            The undersigned does not bind himself to accept the lowest quotation and reserves the right to accept the quotation in whole or in part i.e. with respect to all articles mentioned in the attached statement or in respect of any one or more than one articles specified in the attached statement as he may decide.
6.            On acceptance of the quotation it will become a contact and shall be bound be the terms and condition of the quotation.
7.            The person / persons whose quotations is accepted, hereinafter, called the contractor, shall deposit an earnest money of Rs. 10% alongwith the quotation which shall be refunds in the event of rejection of the quotation. The earnest money will be forfeited in the event of failure or comply with the contract. In the event of the quotation the earnest money will be adjusted towards Security Deposit which shall be payable at the rate mentioned below:
Security Deposit at 10%
               If the contractor is not agreeable to pay Security Deposit, The reasons there of should be specified and the undersigned will reserve the right to accept or reject the request.
8.            If the contractor fails to supply the articles within the time stipulated in the later of acceptance by the undersigned, the undersigned shall be at liberty to purchase the article from the market to get the rest of the contract completed by any other person or firm and the difference of price, if any shall be deducted from the earnest money/security deposit & in case any amount in excess of the security deposit is paid by the undersigned, the contractor shall be liable to pay this amount.
9.            The quantity articles indicated in the attached statement may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the undersigned without assigning any reason. In case and order for any articles is placed for quantity 100 or more one sample shall be retained by the school and no cost will be paid for the same.


10.          Prior to acceptance of the quotation, the undersigned reserves the right to call for sample or demonstration and the contractor shall be liable to supply the sample or give the demonstration free of cost.

11.          In the event of acceptance of the quotation and placing of the order for purchase the articles ordered for would be subjected to an inspection by the undersigned or his representative and are liable to be rejected if the articles supplied are not according to approved samples or do not confirm to the specifications prescribed.
12.          The rates quoted by the contractor shall hold up to 31.03.2016. No amendment in the rate excepted increase in the rate of Sales Tax during the period of execution of the contract, will be accepted.
13.           The contractor shall be required to fix a tin liable on the furniture supplied by him, giving his name and year of manufacture.
14.          The amount of security deposit shall be retained by the Vidyalaya for a period of six months from the date of completion of supplies as a safeguard against any defect appearing in the articles supplied within this period.
15.          Quotations which do not comply with the above conditions are liable to be rejected.
16.          These instructions to tenders are to be signed by the contractors and returned with the tender.
17.          List of Articles enclosed herewith.
All the above conditions are accepted by me/us.
Date:                                                                                                 Signature of the Tenderer
                                                                                              with seal of the firm
Witness – I      Name –
                       Address –
                       Occupation –
Witness – II    Name –
                      Address –
                      Occupation –






Sl.No.        Items/Articles                                      Specifications                           Remarks